& #credit card bad credit #Website Navigation: Okay so my Fico is 560 according to Experian on here despite the fact that it’s 585 on freecreditscore.com which I don’t comprehend. That’s becides the point, I still have bad credit either way and am actually trying to re-build it and I’m very restless and only have one open credit card as of now. I’ve sent a number of applications for numerous credit cards and I can’t appear to obtain authorized for anything not even the secured Capital One card! I do not wish to have to throw 300 dollars at a deposit for a card either. If there are any shop cards out there that accept low credit rating or pre-approve you prior to using I would enjoy to know! I’m much too young to have as bad of credit as I do now.

oh you do have one CC open? You must have the ability to get Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s! I just opened my only CC a month ago and they both authorized me, Macy’s for $300 and Bloomindale’s for $800. Both their applications will request your current credit card info. If you have one already open there is a great opportunity you might be approved.and then the Comenity cards I just mentioned. Oh, and I coudn’t get approved for a Cap1 protected either, but I could get all these.


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